Genesis 24:15

Posted on November 16, 2009


Genesis 24:15

Before he had finished praying, Rebekah came out with her jar on her shoulder.

(In the voice of a museum tour guide.) "And now ladies and gentlemen, we have the first example in all known history of what the experts call a 'big ol God-sized head fake.'"

Just like when I tried out for the 8th grade basketball team. In my situation, Gary Jones was coming down the court with the ball and I was ready to put some fo my razzle dazzle mojo on him and make a Sports Center-worthy steal and then finish with the suburban 8th grade version of a dunk. But two steps before he got to me, he looked left, leaned left, looked left again and then I moved in.


He was gone.

To the right.

The whole left thing was a head fake.

He could have gone left if he wanted to. But he suckered me in and went right.

And he did the suburban 8th grade version of a dunk.

Same thing here.

All the way through the first two dozen chapters, it's "wait on this, pray for that, 40 years and then something will happen." So I am thinking God is big picture, slow burn, hold the phone God cause we need time and pain and contemplation to really see Him move.

"Before he had finished praying…"

As in right then.

As in that very second.

As in there is no tape delay or DVR or "we're going to need to take this to the committee."

As in (especially) none of the prayers that Abraham''s servant was praying were catching God by surprise.

But what I like the most about this as I read it again (and what I tend to miss the most in my life) is the fact that "before he finished praying" he must have had to start praying.

And that that is the part I miss most often when I am in a tough place.

I want the "Before he had finished praying…" part before I do the "And he started praying…" part.

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