Genesis 46:10

Posted on January 18, 2010


Genesis 46:10

The sons of Simeon: Jemuel, Jamin, Ohad, Jakin, Zohar and Shaul the son of a Canaanite woman.

These were the sons Leah bore to Jacob in Paddan Aram, [a] besides his daughter Dinah. These sons and daughters of his were thirty-three in all.

In my big black leatehr Bible (NIV Study Bible by Zondervan) there is a note about Genesis 46:15. It says "There are 34 names in vv. 8-15. To bring the number to 33, the name Ohad in v.10 should probably be removed, since it does not appear in the parallel lists in Nu 26:12-13; 1Ch 4:24. The Hebrew form of 'Ohad' looks very much like that of the nearby 'Zohar' (see Ex. 6:15) and a later scribe probably added Ohad to the text accidentally." 

OK, here's the question…

For along time I have heard that the Bible is perfect, infallible word of God. And yet here there is a clear (i hesitate to say discrepancy for fear of lightening form the sky) but rather an "issue" with v. 15 saying there are "33" sons and daughters of Jacob, and yet the list in verses 8-15 shows 34 names.

The note from the study Bible gives some context to this, but I am still confused.

If the "scribe" made a typo, why has it not been fixed, or if it is not a typo, what then?

where does this leave the perfect Bible discussion?

I know it is not a big, giant,end of the world issue, but it is a bit unsettling.

(And if it is neither, I think Ohad has a right to be really mad about being dismissed, left off the list, and out of the other chapters…)

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