Genesis 37:36

Posted on January 3, 2010


Genesis 37:36

Meanwhile, the Midianites [a] sold Joseph in Egypt to Potiphar, one of Pharaoh's officials,

the captain of the guard. 

If Kasey Kasem were ever to do a Countdown of the "40 Most Popular Bible Stories Ever" Genesis 37 would be in it for sure.

Because this is the story of "Joseph and the Coat of many Colors." this story is in every Children's Bible ever. Even non-church type people know about it. Andre Lloyd Weber wrote a musical about it . (not sure if it was before or after he wrote Cats, but that is not important.)

What is important is that Jacob/Israel loved his youngest son Joseph the most, he was very upfront about this favoritism, and to show his great love for Joseph, Jacob/Israel bought Joseph a super snazzy robe/jacket/tunic/coat.

And Joseph paraded said robe/jacket/tunic/coat around the house all the time.

Which ticked off the other brothers to no end.

Which, I would guess, is exactly what Joseph wanted to do.

And since this would be one fo the greatest Bible hits (no long distance dedication here…) we all know how the narrative played out. 

  1. Jacob/Israel loved Joe the most.
  2. Therefore, the bothers hated Joe.
  3. The brothers went to take care fo the sheep.
  4. Jacob/Israel sent beloved Joe to check on things.
  5. The brothers tossed Joe in the well.
  6. Some of the brothers sold Joe to the Midianite's.
  7. Reuben tore his clothes (doesn;t really advance the story, but thought it was interesting)
  8. The brotehrs then went home and showed Jacob/Israel the bloody fancy coat and they told Jacob/Israel that Joe was dead.
  9. Jacob/Israel tore his clothes.
  10. Jacob/Israel and family mourn the "death" of Joe.
  11. Meanwhile…

If this story was a melodrama, there would be a resounding "Bum, Bum, Buh…." underscore for this verse. Because here have you some traveling Midianites just trying to make a buck, just being middle eastern capitalists. You know, buying a guy, marking him up, selling a guy.

Once again, if this was a melodrama, we would have a second "Bum, Bum, Buh…."

To Potiphar….

And the story goes on from there.

But what I see in all this, is that God see's something in every minute, every detail of life. I do not believe that God orders every step we take and that we are just Christian Robot People being moved by a giant remote in the sky. I do believe that God is able to work in and through all every bit of our lives.

Especially the parts that should have a melodrama score….

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