Genesis 18:14

Posted on October 8, 2009


Genesis 18:14

Is anything too hard for the LORD ? 

And I guess the implied answer to
this rhetorical question is “No.” This is a question that is easy to answer on
the surface, but a little harder in reality.


We have three daughters at our
house. Suzie is the oldest, Mabel is the baby, and Kenzo is the bridge in
between the two.


When Suzie was six months old she
got horribly, terribly sick. Life support sick. The doctors pulling us into a
small room and saying "You need to understand that there is a fair chance that
she will not live” sick.


Heartbreaking sick. Soul crushing
sick. God questioning sick.


And so I read that God told Abraham
(he changed his name in the midst of all his experiences. I think that maybe it
was related to the whole ‘Hagar’ episode, but that is pure speculation. I am
pretty sure that Sarai called him some names other than Abram/Abraham, etc.)


And then in the midst of the whole
Sarai and Abram no kids adventure…oh excuse me Sarai and Abraham’s great
Adventure…they began to question God and whether his promises were really going
to happen.


And the Lord said to them, “Is anything too hard for the LORD?”


The question just hung in the air.


And so while I suppose we are all supposed to, in Christian lock step scream at the top of our lungs "NO THERE IS NOTHING TOO HARD FOR GOD." I have to be honest when I say that if God had spoken to me back when
Suzie was on a ventilator and having seizures and her brain was swelling and
her temperature was rising and He asked me that question I think I would have
said, “YES. Since she seems to be dying, I would say ‘yes, this is too hard for
the Lord.”

My answer would be different now, but in that season 12 years ago, I would have had to say all this stuff going on with Madison may be beyond his pay grade…


I’m just being honest here.



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