Genesis 8:14

Posted on September 20, 2009


Genesis 8:14

So if I do the math correctly, they
were on the boat that Noah built, with all the animals and their kids for just
about a year.


You know what the really amazing
thing to me in this story is? Not that Noah built the boat, not that the
animals all came on two-by-two, or even that it rained for 40 days and 40

(and as a sidebar, I really can’t
figure out how they got all the animals and food on the ark. But that is for
another day…)


No the amazing thing to me is that
Noah and Mrs. Noah got on the ark with their three sons and their three daughters-in-law and there are no
recorded fist fights. I know friends that can’t go to dinner with their
mothers-in-law without needing to call in a mediator. Here we have three
daughters-in-law on this boat, with a zillion stinky animals for almost a year,
and they all survived. That to me is the most miraculous part.

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