Genesis 2:5

Posted on August 31, 2009


Genesis 2:5

“…and no shrub of the field had yet appeared on the earth…

Wait a minute, hold everything

What do you mean “…and no shrub of the field had yet appeared on the earth… We just went through the whole
Creation in chapter one. We already have shrubs in the field, we have birds in the air, we may very well have dinosaurs of the air, and land, and seas, and they are probably eating some of the shrubs that Genesis 2:5 is saying have not yet appeared.

We are getting a do-over in chapter two of what we just covered in chapter one.

Why are we already backtracking?

I have some theories on why we are seeing this again already:

  1. Roller coaster announcement theory – this chapter is like the announcements
    they give at amusement parks right before you take off on the roller coaster.
    “Keep you arms and legs inside the ride at all times…blah, blah, blah…. HEY
    INSIDE THE RIDE AT ALL TIMES." Just standard repeated announcement stuff.

  2. Plane take off theory – i.e."In the unlikely event of a water
    landing…." – this is stuff that needs to be said a bunch of times so
    it sinks in your cranium so when you really need the info it is right
    there. Like when the plane is crashing or the roller coaster is run

  3. Creation color commentary – (and I think this is the right one) Just
    like when John Madden gives a little bit of explanation or background
    to the play that Al Michaels has described,  chapter two is the color commentary on the creation story in chapter one.

And the color commentary is God saying  (but I'm pretty sure it is not in the voice of John Madden)…

“I’m making this clear right from the beginning. There WAS a 'Creation,' I
did it, and I think it's
vitally important you see how things work together. How there was a
plan and a
purpose and that in life one things follows another and things can’t
without other things and that I have thought everything out. This is
not just a
thrown together paint-by-the-numbers cut and paste thing. I am God and
I have a
plan. Cause I know that in thousands of years when people pick up the
Bible they will start at the beginning like they do with most books and
I know that they will do this so I will make sure that important stuff is right at the beginning and I may say it twice so you understand or I may say it twice start scratching your head and say 'why does He have it it there twice.?'"

"Either way, I'm saying it twice, so listen up."

 Maybe that is why the creation
story is in here twice right at the very beginning.

Or maybe not, I’m just not sure.

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